Your payment has been received and your subscription has been activated. Here are a few things that will help you throughout the service:

  •  Make sure your account with remains active. The reports are needed to stay on top of the bureaus in a timely manner.
  • We send all receipts and status updates via email. Be certain that we have an email you monitor regularly so you don’t miss important messages.
  • You will receive an email when your disputes are filed which will have a link to your file and the date your results will be due. After each round of disputes you will be able to see the changes reflected in your client portal and on the reports.
  • If you have any questions submit an email to clientservices@firstnationscredit. Responses are usually same day but allow up to 1 business day. The client services phone number is 888-514-5461.
  • Check out the F.A.Q.’s for additional info: READ F.A.Q’s