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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after payment?

Upon receipt of your payment and access to credit report we will begin preparing your file for the dispute of any negative information. We only dispute negative information. However, if you have certain items you do not want to dispute you will have an opportunity to exclude those from service. First Nations reserves the right to decline any file for service.

How does this all work?

Each month you will be charged $99 (FNC)  + $19.95 (IDIQ) as total charges for service. There are no additional fees. First Nations, on your behalf, will be filing disputes with each of the credit bureaus and creditors requiring extensive validation of information. Law requires that we give the bureaus 30 days to respond to our dispute. After apx 35 days we will pull a fresh report to assess results and report those findings to you via email.

What is the guarantee?

If any round of service produces no deletions you will receive a $99 credit towards your next month of service. The credit report access through Identity IQ must remain active throughout your service with First Nations Credit. PLEASE NOTE: If either your monthly FNC or IDIQ subscription payment fails you forfeit any potential credit for non-results for that dispute. Make sure you provide a card you intend to use monthly for this service.

How long will this take?

The average file is completed in 4 – 6 months. There is no set time for completion as each file is unique. Our system forces the bureaus into a corner after failing to validate information and they will do their best to stall or derail that request. However, our month-month agreement is valid for up to 12 months of service.

What is the MAX this could cost me?

$700 + credit report fees. If at any point in your 12 month term you reach $700 in monthly FNC fees your file is capped and you pay $0 until the file is complete or for the remainder of the 12 month term except the monthly IDIQ fee of $19.95 for the reports.

How do I cancel?

Either party can cancel future credit repair service at any time in advance by sending a written request to the associated party. Any notices, requests or questions for FNC should be directed to 

*Monthly credit report subscription is provided by and cancelled through Identity IQ directly.

Who do I contact with questions? 

All clients are provided an opportunity to speak with a credit specialist prior to address any questions prior to service. All inquiries should be directed to – (888) 514-5461.