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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I pay for my credit report?

The bureaus will only provide you with 1 free report per year and only if you request it from each of them individually. Beyond that they will charge you for them…each individually. It is FAR more costly than using a consumer credit monitoring site that is known for data accuracy and integrity. What many are not aware of is that the bureaus sell every part of your data to businesses and merchants who are considering you for credit. The bureaus are in the information business, they are not a non profit or government agency. They are a business and they make money selling your information…even to you. Get a lot of targeted junk mail? Guess where they got that information?

The point is that your credit report is an assembly of various levels of data. Each level has a price. For example, a car dealer will not subscribe to receive mortgage data because it doesn’t have an impact on a persons ability to buy a car. In short, each merchant, broker, and credit monitoring sites pay for your report information and that data can vary. Have you noticed score differences between sites? 

In closing, its your report. The bureaus want to be paid for regular access to the report and if you want your credit repaired you will pay for it…whether its wrapped into the monthly fee or paid separately.

For software compatibility, data integrity and because the report contains ALL the necessary levels of information to do this work effectively we ONLY use Identity IQ

Why do you need a credit report monthly?

Our dispute methods will force the bureaus to answer many questions about each of the disputed accounts and they will have a 30 day period to respond, as the law provides. The bureaus each have their own set of template letters sent to consumers to stall, discourage and even scare them away from disputing the accounts. Not only are the bureaus paid for every report they provide but they also are paid for each account that is on your file…and they will fight to keep them there.

To validate their compliance with our dispute requests a fresh report is required. If the item is not removed or they didn’t respond it proves that they either ignored the request or didn’t get it done it time. In either case, we are pushing for removal of the item. If the item was not deleted and continues to be reported without responding appropriately to your concerns it will cause the bureaus to be accused of intentionally damaging your file as they were notified of the problem but continue to report. The point is we need to have each report to have the proof of violation and the eventual deletion.

The dispute process requires a persistent approach in where all information is gathered as evidence for the eventual proof of violation. Without regular access to the reports the work can’t be done effectively. These regular reports are also for you to verify the deletions.

What happens after payment?

Upon receipt of your payment and access to credit report we will begin preparing your file for the dispute of any negative information. We only dispute negative information. However, if you have certain items you do not want to dispute you will have an opportunity to exclude those from service. First Nations reserves the right to decline any file for service.

How does this all work?

Each month you will be charged $99 (FNC)  + $19.95 (IDIQ) as total charges for service. There are no additional fees. First Nations, on your behalf, will be filing disputes with each of the credit bureaus and creditors requiring extensive validation of information. Law requires that we give the bureaus 30 days to respond to our dispute. After apx 35 days we will pull a fresh report to assess results and report those findings to you via email.

How long will this take?

The average file is completed in 3 – 5 months. There is no set time for completion as each file is unique. Our system forces the bureaus into a corner after failing to validate information and they will do their best to stall or derail that request. However, our month-month agreement is valid for up to 12 months of service.

What is the MAX this could cost me?

$700 + credit report fees. If at any point in your 12 month term you reach $700 in monthly FNC fees your file is capped and you pay $0 until the file is complete or for the remainder of the 12 month term except the monthly IDIQ fee of $19.95 for the reports.

How do I cancel?

Either party can cancel future credit repair service at any time in advance by sending a written request to the associated party. Any notices, requests or questions for FNC should be directed to 

*Monthly credit report subscription is provided by and cancelled through Identity IQ directly.

Who do I contact with questions? 

All clients are provided an opportunity to speak with a credit specialist prior to address any questions prior to service. All inquiries should be directed to – (888) 514-5461.