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Loan Originator - Client Retention Program

  As a loan originator you are trained to assess your clients ability to qualify and match them with the right loan program.

However, what do you do when they have credit issues that are putting them into high risk categories that lead to higher down payments and interest rates which ultimately kill the deal? These are leads that you put into a call and email drip campaign hoping that they will come back when ready. But the percentages are very low because the credit issues have not been addressed.

First Nations Credit is a leader in client retention campaigns designed to keep your prospects engaged in the dream of buying a home or refinancing to lower payments.

Since 2012 First Nations Credit has been helping these clients clean their credit and qualify for the homes, cars, and business loans they desire. Our Fast-Trac accelerated repair program will clean their profile over a 4 – 6 month period.

But converting these leads into a qualified mortgage candidate usually requires more than than just credit repair. How many times has a client moved the deposit funds to another account, or presented incomplete or improper income documentation, or applied for a new car while you were working the file? 

The First Nations team has 20+ years of mortgage and real estate experience. Our staff is trained to coach these clients into a qualifying position by giving them an understanding of each of the qualifying aspects (income documentation, DTI, deposit money etc). We give them the “what to do” and “what not to do’s”.

This combined with keeping them engaged in the dream leads to a 25-30% conversion rate on these otherwise dead leads!

Our proprietary software provides full tracking of every client you refer to the First Nations Credit program. This tracking includes current scores, credit items that have been deleted and items remaining.

In addition, we pay you $50 for every client you refer that enrolls. This can be paid to you or your client’s file as a gift from you.

We work with you to establish a series of communications that will keep your clients engaged in getting their next mortgage FROM YOU! Our expertise combined with your regular drip campaigns will make a major difference in your ROI.

Call (888) 514-5460 or submit your info for more information.