Subscription Agreement

Complete this short agreement to activate your credit repair subscription. Once this agreement and your first monthly subscription payment of $99 is received your file will move into processing to prepare your disputes. When those disputes are ready you will receive an email which will have the scheduled date for your results audit. This is when we will pull a fresh report and you will receive an email with a statement attached that will detail your results. Make sure your subscription with Identity IQ remains active.

Remember, you have 2 guarantees that insure we work as fast as possible to complete the work:

1) If any round of disputes produces no deletions you will receive a $99 file credit towards your next month of service.*

2) The maximum any file will be charged over a 12 month agreement term is $700. If at any point you reach $700 in First Nations Credit Subscription fees the remainder of your 12 month term is covered at no cost.* 

*Credit report access through Identity IQ must remain active.

You can cancel anytime by providing a minimum of 1 business day advance notice in writing.

PLEASE NOTE: Your subscription payment is due on the same date each month. However, your results will be available apx every 35 days to allow First Nations a few days for formatting your disputes, auditing the results and to allow the required 30 days for the bureaus and creditors to respond. As a result, a full dispute round is apx 35 days.

If at any time you have questions send an email to or call (888) 514-5461.

Congratulations on your decision to get started! We look forward to helping you reaquire the credit you deserve.