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Partner Affiliate Program (PAP)

The First Nations “Partner Affiliate Program” is designed for professionals who can benefit from a partner that is capable of turning an unqualified lead into a qualified borrower. The purpose of the PAP is to provide you with an avenue to direct all leads that are declined credit for one reason or another.

The First Nations Credit “Accelerated Repair Program: (APR) is designed to help consumers delete negative items from the report LEGALLY and PERMANENTLY. Since 2012 First Nations has helped thousands restore their good credit and buy a home, a car, or just get a fresh start. The APR is $99 mo and includes a results guarantee. File turn times can vary but average 4-6 months for a complete repair.

Here are 4 reasons you should be using First Nations for all your turn downs:

1) CLOSE MORE DEALS: Turn a dead deal into a live one. We provide you with a tracking link to the client repair file so you will know when they are ready to qualify!

2) LARGER COMMISSIONS: Increased credit scores means increased purchase power which equals larger commissions.

3) EXPERIENCE: First Nations works with real estate, mortgage and auto finance professionals nationwide and has developed a unique method of keeping clients engaged in the dream that brought them to you. The result is a significant percentage will come back to you. Additionally, the client tracking link we provide will give you the ability to stay on top of your drip campaigns as well.

4) PAP COMMISSIONS: When your client enrolls for $99 we pay $50 which can be paid to you or used as a client credit “from you” as a gift. 

In short, why waste a lead just because they don’t qualify now? Setting a call back for 6 months won’t change anything. First Nations Credit provides an avenue to help boost their credit while helping you keep them engaged in the dream. NOW you have a 6 month call back that means something!

We stand on our experience, reputation, guarantee, and invite you to join our PAP. There is no cost to you and you will receive an affiliate link to track your submissions. Fill out the short form below and we will set you up in the system. You will receive an email from my staff with your affiliate tracking link and a contact to communicate with for submitting the referrals. If you have any questions in regards to the PAP feel free to call me at: Tom Voli (239) 205-8121 or email For more specific questions about the credit repair program itself check out the HOME page for a video with full details.